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Fund prices


Columbia Threadneedle Investments has a comprehensive range of investment funds catering for a broad range of objectives. Please visit https://www.fundinfo.com to view the latest fund prices. Please read the relevant Prospectus for detailed information on each fund structure, including available share classes, minimum investment and fees and expenses.


Entry charge


The maximum entry charge is 5%. This is the maximum charges that we might take out of your money before it is invested. In some cases, you might pay less and you should speak to your financial adviser or distributor about this.


Belgian withholding tax


Dividend payments distributed to shareholders will be subject to a Belgian withholding tax of 30%.


If you are a shareholder in a fund that invests more than 10% in interest bearing assets and that does not pay out income, you will be subject to a Belgian withholding tax of 30% when you sell or redeem your shares.


Any withholding tax applicable will be deducted before any income or proceeds from the sale of shares are paid when distributed by a Belgian financial intermediary.


Belgian stock exchange tax


The sale or switching of accumulation shares is subject to a tax on stock exchange operations of 1.32% (with a maximum of €4,000 per transaction).


Belgian Tax on securities account (entered into force on 10 March 2018)


A 0,15% annual tax on certain securities accounts held by individual is due if, over the reference period, the total average value of an individual’s securities account(s) reach(es) or exceed(s) (jointly or on standalone basis) EUR 500.000.


For Belgian residents, the tax on securities accounts applies to both Belgian and foreign securities accounts.


For non-residents, only securities accounts held with a Belgian financial intermediary (e.g. a Belgian bank) are targeted. In principle, the reference period runs from 1 October to 30 September.


For 2018, the reference period has been shortened from 10 March 2018 (i.e. date of entry into force) to 30 September 2018.



The tax treatment of funds may change in the future and depend on individual circumstances of each investor. You should consult your tax advisor regarding the tax rules that are applicable to you.


Further details of the tax treatment of funds may be found in the Belgian Addendum to the relevant Prospectus, which are available on our Document Centre.