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We offer clients an extensive range of multi-asset solutions designed to meet a broad range of investment objectives. These include outcome-oriented diversified growth strategies and specialist risk-managed vehicles with scope for alignment to individual risk profiles through to traditional balanced mandates.

Our multi-asset team manage all portfolios using a consistent, tried and tested active investment approach built on both strategic and tactical asset allocation, risk budgeting and the selection of individual portfolio components.

Where multi-asset portfolios invest in other internal Columbia Threadneedle capabilities, they benefit from active bottom-up security selection undertaken by the specialist investment team.

Why choose Columbia Threadneedle for multi-asset?

Our multi-asset experts are at the heart of the firm’s distinctive investment framework, which is built around our specialist investment teams. While each investment team follows its own unique process and style, ideas are shared, debated and challenged rigorously across asset classes and geographies.

Our specialist multi-asset team takes a collaborative approach to investment, tapping into this rich source of collective intellectual capital to ensure that every multi-asset portfolio benefits from the very best ideas from across the firm.

Key members of the multi-asset team are also part of the Asset Allocation Strategy Group, which consists of senior investment professionals with extensive experience across asset classes and investment markets. The Group contributes strategic analysis, tactical asset allocation, fundamental research and risk intelligence to the multi-asset investment process. As betterinformed investors, we are therefore well-positioned to deliver better investment outcomes for clients.

18 September 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

When will interest rates be cut?

Steven Bell, Chief Economist EMEA, on why he is optimistic that interest rates will be cut early in 2024, starting in the US with the UK and Europe to follow.
Watch time - 6 min
11 September 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Is inflation beaten?

Peak rates are close for the US and UK, says Steven Bell, Chief Economist EMEA. But where the two countries go from there could be quite different
Watch time - 6 min
4 September 2023

Christopher Mahon

Head of Dynamic Real Return, Multi-asset

The Bank of England is rushing to sell its gilts. For investors, this could be an opportunity.

Christopher Mahon of our Multi-Asset team discusses whether this is another ‘selling gold at the bottom’ moment.
Watch time - 6 min
29 August 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Are Europe and the UK heading for recession?

Steven Bell, our Chief Economist EMEA, thinks the PMIs are too pessimistic. Sighting broader economic data, he explains why.
Watch time - 6 min
14 August 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

UK inflation to fall and labour market to weaken: good news for interest rates

Steven Bell, Chief Economist EMEA, shares his reading of the numbers that give him confidence rates have peaked or are within 25 bps of the peak.
Watch time - 6 min
7 August 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Has the Bank of England got it all wrong?

Last week the Bank of England raised base rates to 5.25%, the 14th increase since tightening started in late 2021.
Watch time - 6 min

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