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19 May, 16:30 – 20:00 CET, LE LOUISE Hotel Brussels

The ‘Invest in your knowledge’ sessions will give you access to experts from Vlerick Business School and investment experts from Columbia Threadneedle. They will help you gain knowledge about different topics and industries from a sustainable finance perspective and it will also provide you FSMA points.

Don’t miss this ‘in person’ session at LE LOUISE hotel Brussels and pre-register now via the blue button. You will receive an email with a calendar invite to save the date. We will shortly announce the topic.

Significant returns and sustainable outcomes – Europe has the edge

Experts from Vlerick Business School and Columbia Threadneedle Investments gave insights into the natural harmony of significant returns and sustainable outcomes and why Europe has the edge.

ESG has come to the forefront of investing, and nowhere more so than in Europe – rightly so given our concerns over the environment and heightened awareness of social and governance issues. No longer should this be seen as an alternative to strong financial returns. Focused ESG research can unearth robust commercial benefits and new and growing sources of exceptional profitability – and Europe has a head start over other areas.

Invest in your knowledge ‘Healthcare’

In the first online ‘Invest in your knowledge’ session experts from Vlerick Business School and Columbia Threadneedle Investments gave a broad view on the healthcare sector. Jan de Bondt provided a macroeconomic overview, professor Walter Van Dyck discussed the healthcare sector in details and Scott Woods shared his philosophy of how to invest in this sector.

Vlerick Business School

In October 2021, Columbia Threadneedle investment became a member of the “Centre for Sustainable Finance”, part of the Asset Management Academy of Vlerick Business School.
The mission of the Vlerick Centre for Sustainable Finance is to advance knowledge and understanding among its students of sustainability to support the financial services industry in its decision making. The Centre for Sustainable Finance offers its members, a unique knowledge platform and access to research findings, both relevant to the sustainable finance ecosystem, as well as the opportunity to share the best sustainable investment practices.

This collaboration brings experts from Vlerick Business Schools and investment experts from Columbia Threadneedle to talk about different topics and industries. Please see below the list of future and past events.

Check our press release for more information about this collaboration. Also in Dutch and French.