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9 June 2023

Christopher Hult

Portfolio Manager, Fixed income

Residential and datacentres - European investment grade credit

Finding the right locations in European real estate credit. Any why residential and datacentres look attractive.
Read time - 5 min
9 June 2023

Conflict risk: an engagement update

The world’s facing much geopolitical uncertainty. We’ve been engaging with companies on their exposure to high-risk areas like Myanmar, Sudan, Russia, and Ukraine. Read more in our latest Conflict Risk engagement update.
Read time - 2 min
7 June 2023

Marcus Wilert

Vice President, Analyst Responsible Investment

ESG Viewpoint: what makes supply chain due diligence effective?

Understanding how companies can manage supply chain risks and why they matter to investors. Read more in our latest ESG Viewpoint.
Read time - 2 min